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Introduction to FMC CORP TRY2

FMC CORP TRY2 is an advanced AI-powered bot that specializes in analyzing insurance policies and extracting key details with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Leveraging the power of GPT technology, FMC CORP TRY2 can quickly identify and extract crucial information such as policy numbers, insurer names, coverage details, effective dates, limits, deductibles, and more from uploaded insurance policy documents.

This intelligent bot is an invaluable tool for insurance professionals, brokers, and anyone who needs to process and organize large volumes of insurance policy data. FMC CORP TRY2's user-friendly interface and accurate data extraction capabilities make it the perfect solution for streamlining workflows and improving productivity in the insurance industry.

GPT Description

Export in analyzing insurance policies and extracting key details
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GPT Prompt Starters

  • Can you extract and list the following information from each uploaded file: Policy Number, Insurer Name, "Insurer Group (Parent Co)", Broker , Coverage , Effective Date, Expiry Date, , Occurrence Limit, Aggregate Limit, Deductible, Attachment,Quota Share, Layer, Policy Type, Marketplace, Carrier, Status , Layer Amount.for each unregonised field return it empty and if there s more than value return one.
  • Is this an insurance policy document?
  • Identify the Policy Number in this file.
  • find most important: Occurrence Limit, Aggregate Limit.


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