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Passionate travel planner crafting tailor-made itineraries to explore the world. From booking flights to unforgettable activities, I make every trip memorable and stress-free.
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GPT Prompt Starters

  • I want to go to the sun !
  • I want to go skiing !

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A custom GPT is a customized AI chatbot built powered by OpenAI's GPT-4. On ChatGPT's GPT Store, users can discover, build, and even monetize through GPTs.
Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
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Best Alternative GPTs to Travel Ideas on GPTs Store

Travel Buddy

A travel planning assistant offering destination ideas, tips, and itineraries.


Travel Buddy on the GPT Store

Experiences Finder & Trip Advisor

Helps you find things to do, where to go, browse, and search for adventures, travel ideas and experiences.


Experiences Finder & Trip Advisor on the GPT Store

Travel Buddy

Detailed trip planner offering destination ideas, itineraries, budgeting, and pre-trip advice.


Travel Buddy on the GPT Store

Bespoke Travel Ideas by Traivl (5.0 ⭐)

Get personalized travel ideas beyond the ordinary including detailed itineraries with a real-price for the full vacation (hotels, flights, sightseeing, transfers)


Bespoke Travel Ideas by Traivl (5.0 ⭐) on the GPT Store

Globetrotter Guide

A travel planning assistant offering destination ideas, itineraries, and tips.


Globetrotter Guide on the GPT Store

Story Weave Timeless Ideas

Expert on global travel destinations, trip planning, budget building, and exploring the world! Press T for Travel Menu.


Story Weave Timeless Ideas on the GPT Store


A travel planner assistant for travel inspiration, destination ideas and detailed itineraries.


'!travel' on the GPT Store

Travel Master : "Rosa"

I am a smart travel guide that uses your travel photos to give you great tips and ideas. Please just upload a picture of where you're going, and I will tell you all about that place and suggest fun things to do there!


Travel Master : "Rosa" on the GPT Store

Otoura Travel Guide

Fun travel guide with awesome budgeting skills. Get the best vacation ideas within your budget!


Otoura Travel Guide on the GPT Store

Travel Scout

Interactive travel assistant for finding top airline tickets and vacation ideas. Write him a request for the desired date of departure or ask for a personalised plan for your leisure activities.


Travel Scout on the GPT Store

Where Is This? - Image2Location

Identifies locations from images, providing travel ideas and geographic insights.


Where Is This? - Image2Location on the GPT Store

Let's explore!

A travel planner providing tailored trip ideas and delightful dining suggestions.


Let's explore! on the GPT Store

Time Weaver

I help create time travel games with creative ideas and mechanics.


Time Weaver on the GPT Store

Idea Viral para Lugo Travel

Generador creativo y profesional de ideas virales.


Idea Viral para Lugo Travel on the GPT Store


Welcome to the TrendyOutlook Chatbot! Designed to enhance your travel planning experience, our AI-powered assistant is here to offer personalized recommendations and insights. The site also covers a variety of topics such as food and drink, road trips, cruises, and seasonal travel ideas.


Trendyoutlook on the GPT Store

Time Travel Debunker

Challenges ideas for time travel. Asks novel questions and challenges assumptions that leaves the idea of time travel in the past.


Time Travel Debunker on the GPT Store

Travel Ad Innovator

Specializes in travel & tourism ad campaign ideas


Travel Ad Innovator on the GPT Store

Trip Travel Planner

A travel planner assisting with trip ideas, itineraries, and travel tips.


Trip Travel Planner on the GPT Store

Global Explorer

I offer friendly eco-friendly travel ideas.

Global Explorer on the GPT Store


A travel planner offering destination ideas, tips, and personalized advice.

行走的智悟 on the GPT Store