GPT Store's New Rating Feature and GPTsHunter's Score Display

Posted on Feb 22, 2024

Introducing a Game-Changer: User Ratings on GPT Store

The world of artificial intelligence is buzzing with excitement as the GPT Store rolls out its latest feature – user ratings! This innovative addition allows users to rate and review AI tools, providing valuable feedback for both creators and users alike. Think of it as Google Play, but exclusively for AI innovations.

Creators like Nick Dobos (@NickADobos) and Aydin Efendi (@aydinefendi18) now have a direct line to user opinions, offering insights to refine and enhance their AI creations. Whether it's a coding wizard needing five stars or a data analysis tool surpassing 1k chats, every rating counts in elevating the quality of AI tools available.

Monetization and More: Exploring GPT Store's Expanded Capabilities

The GPT Store isn't just about ratings; it's evolving into a comprehensive platform for AI tools. With queries around monetization and new features, it's clear that the community, including voices like Ruben (@RubenHssd) and Lambda (@LambdaAPI), is eager for more. The platform promises to be a hub for not just discovering AI tools but also a space for creators to potentially monetize their innovations.

GPTsHunter: Bringing Ratings to the Forefront

In an exciting development, GPTsHunter has integrated these user ratings into its interface. Now, discovering top-rated AI tools is simpler than ever. Users can effortlessly find highly rated tools, making informed decisions about which AI solutions best suit their needs.

A Community Thriving on Feedback and Innovation

The introduction of ratings has sparked lively discussions within the AI community. From the excitement of Belac (@0xBelac) to the curious timing noted by Rica (@pics4theatre), the response is overwhelmingly positive. The feedback loop created by these ratings is not just about numbers; it's about building a community that supports and drives AI innovation forward.

Looking Ahead: What's Next for GPT Store and GPTsHunter?

As the GPT Store and GPTsHunter continue to evolve, the focus remains on enhancing user experience and supporting AI creators. With features like 2FA security (as requested by na$hty @nashty_SunsFan) and potential memory functions (queried by Salazar @salty_salazar) on the horizon, the future looks bright for these platforms.


The GPT Store's introduction of user ratings and GPTsHunter's feature to display these scores mark a significant step in the AI world. By fostering a community where feedback and innovation go hand in hand, these platforms are not just tools but catalysts for AI evolution.